How good selection of scooters(Hits:) 
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1.Slide bracket

Skateboard skateboard holder, also known as the bridge, the bridge plays an essential role in the peace, as the slide in performance quality. The US produced mostly special aluminum alloy bridge, almost no case of fracture. Bridge skateboard bridge distance is different, there are 126mm, 129mm, 134mm, 139mm, 146mm and so on, skateboards Bridge with distance, with different widths of the board, making skateboarding more flexible and easier to manipulate. The level of the bridge is different. Relatively high bridge are suitable with big wheels, lower bridge are suitable with smaller wheels will be relatively comfortable this slip up, while also less prone clincher wheels hit the board or the clincher over the main cause bridge situation nail breakage.


Of course, kids are prone to fall with the size of the wheels, the material has a close relationship. Try to choose when the wheel is larger and softer material, so its cushioning effect greater encountered minor groove or uneven road surface will be a lot of security to ensure that the baby will not be harmed.

3.Space saving folding

Scooter big accounting position? This is what many parents think, for this situation, you can choose foldable three scooters, so when a child can not play, fold it up, space savings, oh.


Skateboard wheels also have a great talk on the. In addition to bearing accuracy (such as pu wheel) depends on speed outside influence the performance of the wheel. The hardness of skateboard wheels, skateboard wheels usually rub polyurethane-based material, polyurethane wheels occupies different proportions, the hardness of the wheels is different.